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     We look for the following characteristics in our employees: good character, good references, good common sense, stability, demonstrated good work ethic, the physical ability to do the work, and a desire and reason to do this kind of work. Experience is not a prerequisite, since we train all our new employees in our methods and to our standard. New employees are supervised nightly for as long as it takes to ensure that they can adhere to the standard to which they were trained. After this probation period, employees are further motivated to do good work through quality of work bonuses based on inspections. We always treat our hard working team members with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Our low turnover and long term client relationships are the strongest indication that we have an excellent group of employees. Trust and respect between management and employees is essential toward meeting our goal of operating a quality business with integrity.


     Quality control
is the most important aspect of our business. We believe that the biggest mistake janitorial companies make is to grow too fast without a sound foundation in place to handle the growth. The owners become overworked and stressed, and they often resort to hiring employees who are not screened, trained, or supervised. Our goal is continued growth, but at a moderate pace that does not compromise the quality and safety of our services. DowMac Janitorial has in place a management team and Quality Control Program that ensures that our clients receive a consistently high standard of work from our employees. We respond to the needs of our clients and employees with care and efficiency at all times. Their requests are always addressed promptly.

      Regular supervision of our employees ensures top quality job performance. Our ratio of one supervisor to every four employees surpasses industry standards. Even John, the owner of DowMac Janitorial, is hands on in the supervising and detail work being done in our buildings. Our success and reputation depends on our customer's satisfaction. We take our quality of work seriously and personally.

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